After a foot injury, Bruce's CBD products reduced pain and accelerated healing. S.W.

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I'm not having trouble with my hair and nails any more.  Thanks Bruce!  A.G.

I love Bruce!! I have been going to his shop for over 20 years. He's an honest man and gifted at that! I am so happy for him, in as well as he has done. he knows the right way to live, and I believe many are leaning on living that way.  D.J.

(231) 924-9452

35 East Main Street

Fremont, Michigan 49412

Monday-Friday 10-6

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Sun Closed

I drive 2.5 hours just to get exceptional advice from Bruce. He is very gifted and caring and knowledgeable on products and health. My energy gets restored every time I visit. Thanks for helping my dog Chukchi, he gets healthier everyday. Be well.  D.P.

Bruce helped me get through a problem.  He did a reading and told me things only I could know.  He fixed me up.  Now he's my go-to guy.  S.W.

That Bruce has got a gift, for sure.  I don't really understand it, but it's there, and he helps people with it all the time.  M.M.